Hashi Technologies gives you the best option to implement, manage and monitor SIEM (security information and event management) products and services. Hashi Technologies security service provides the most innovative SIEM (security information and event management) service alternative based on software or dedicated equipment.

We deliver value through rapid deployment, extremely efficient ease of use, and instant access to the best managed service experience.

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The portal provides you with the built-in intelligence and analysis tools you need to make better security decisions. Data visualization and reports are highly customizable, allowing snapshots and trend viewing.

Extensive compilation of security and compliance reports. These reports are designed to help you demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements and provide visibility into the performance of security controls across the enterprise.

Security and event management information includes:


  • Operation management device
  • Security Monitoring
  • Reports
  • Event management


  • Configuration management
  • Incident Management
  • Service release and deployment management
  • Change Management

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Get a competitive advantage for your business safely and reliably. Make your business a safe space, restore your security and refocus on your most important business.

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