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Hashi Technologies is part of the management software. A management software is a program that facilitates the accomplishment of administrative tasks. OpenKM is a document management system that allows you to manage business content and workflow in a more efficient way. Document managers guarantee data protection by establishing information security for business content.

Hashi Technologies integrates everything essential for document management, user collaboration, and advanced search capabilities into a single, easy-to-use solution. The application includes administrative tools to define the roles of the different users, quotas for each user, document-level security, a complete activity log and the configuration of automatic tasks.

Gestión de Registros

The Records Management – Record Management – of OpenKM, helps your organization in the efficient and systematic management of the creation, reception, maintenance, use and disposition of documents, it includes the processes to incorporate and maintain, in the form of documents, information and proof of the activities and operations of the organization.

The OpenKM Records Management system incorporates, manages and facilitates access to documents over time.

The process of traceability of the actions allows to control and establish stages and deadlines in the actions for those who carry them out.

The disposition is a series of processes associated with the application of decisions of transfer, destruction or conservation of documents, which are documented in the conservation calendars or other instruments. Destruction is the process of eliminating or erasing documents without being able to reconstruct them.


The OpenKM document management software incorporates a workflow engine for the definition and reuse of business logic, simplifying business processes and helping both employees and the organization in better coordination. By linking processes with content creation, OpenKM enables organizations to share information transactionally and respond more quickly to new business requirements.

With OpenKM document management software, all your content is stored electronically so that it makes sense for the needs of your business flows and can be easily retrieved through intelligent global searches.

Automatic tasks

  Metadata Capture

Classification of documents

Automatic execution of a workflow

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  • 1OpenKM is a management solution that allows companies to control the creation, storage, review and distribution of documents, increasing efficiency in the ability to reuse information; as well as the control of the flow of documents.

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