Traditional infrastructure and its isolated components (such as storage, network, and server) are no longer sufficient to meet the increasing demands of today’s business applications or the rapidly developing modern enterprises. Today, IT experts and leaders are using hyperconverged infrastructure to remove the barriers and complexity of traditional platforms and provide infrastructure services in their own facilities or private data centers in the cloud, but its speed, agility and efficiency operational have reached public cloud.


NUTANIX es una solución que establece un punto de referencia global para la hiperconvergencia. En Hashi Technologies, entendemos esto y tenemos un equipo bien capacitado de consultores e ingenieros para asesorarlo.

Compatible applications and technologies

NUTANIX method


Based on simple design

Since compute, network, and storage resources are integrated into a single appliance without the need for a SAN, virtual machine deployment can be fundamentally simplified.

Scalable performance tailored to the business

Just add more NUTANIX units, you can add the current infrastructure resources to the new architecture, and it can grow rapidly as needed.

Software Defined Architecture

A platform designed by a highly distributed architecture that keeps all resources connected to the controller and hypervisor, providing high availability and high performance in environments of any scale.


The NUTANIX platform is the ideal solution for almost all workloads. Thanks to its powerful features and the fact that it allows multiple hypervisors to be used on a single device, multiple applications can coexist with security, and these applications can better perform their performance and ease of use.

          File Services

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

Virtualization and Private Cloud

  • 1NUTANIX is compatible with almost all applications and is compatible with Windows Server, CentOS, Ubuntu and SUSE operating systems. And in its software version, it is compatible with certain models of Dell and Lenovo servers. Certified by SAP Hana, SAP Hana is one of the most powerful ERPs in the industry.

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