Am I Protected?

Hashi Technologies helps you not only get started, but move forward with a purpose. Our Cybersecurity Security Consulting Services are based on the reality of each company, we help you prioritize your security needs and align them with your business strategy.


What signs should I look for in my company?

Slow Network

Your systems or servers do weird things

You have to comply with a rule and you don’t know where to start

Your emails do not arrive

You have experienced lack of control, loss or leakage of information

You don’t know who has access to your equipment

You have already been the victim of an attack

Cybersecurity experts

We carry out a comprehensive assessment of the current state of your company’s security. Learn about the 20 critical cybersecurity controls recommended by industry experts and how they can help you protect your business. Compare the results of your evaluation with the practical improvements and identify the points of improvement to strengthen your company in a profitable, viable and sustainable way.


  • 20 Critical Cybersecurity Controls (CIS CSC20)
  • Processes and procedures
  • Vulnerability scan
  • Pentest and Phishing

Information backup

  • 12 Critical Cybersecurity Controls (CIS CSC20)
  • Processes and procedures
  • Vulnerability scan

Express Review

It includes the review of 6 of the critical cybersecurity controls that cannot be missing in your company.

1-Inventory and hardware control

How many devices in your company use your Internet services?

4-Controlled use of administrative privileges

How many users can make changes to the configuration of your computers?

2-Inventory and software control

When do the Office 365 or Antivirus licenses expire?

5-Safe configuration

Are your computers securely configured?

3-Continuous vulnerability management

How many computers have not downloaded their updates?

6-Event logs

Do you know what happens in your network on the weekend?

SME Diagnosis

Add 6 additional reviews to your express review that will improve your technology risk management.

Includes Express Review controls

7-Email and web browser protections

Can your company be the victim of a malware attack by mail or do you have access to malicious sites?

10-Data recovery capabilities

Are your backups working?

8-Malware defenses

How many computers can be infected on my network?

11-Secure configuration for network devices, such as firewalls, routers and switches.

Are your network equipment safe?

9-Limitations and control of network ports, protocols and services

Do my users have the recommended minimum privileges to work?

12-Defense of the perimeter

Are your perimeter defenses functional?

Business consulting

A comprehensive assessment of the current state of your company’s security.

Includes Express Review and SME Diagnostic controls

13-Data Protection

Do you need to meet any level of information classification?

16-Monitoring and control of accounts

Do my users share their passwords?

19-Response and incident management

Am I prepared for a ransomware or identity theft attack?

14-Controlled access based on the need to know

Are the identities of my users and clients protected?

17-Implement a security awareness and training program

Does my organization know what are the main risks of publishing information on social networks?

20-Penetration test and exercises of the red team

What is the impact of an intrusion on my systems?

15-Wireless Access Control

Is my wireless network secure?

18-Application software security

Am I developing software for my clients safely?

Our services drive measurable improvements and address both strategic and tactical security issues. We develop detailed documentation to help support the security program, including vendor recommendations, tools, prioritized execution work plans with presentations geared towards executives and boards of directors.

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